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In today's fast changing, technology driven business world, the success of your business still depends on the people who make up your organization's workforce. Needless to say, making sure that you maintain a knowledgeable and motivated workforce is absolutely crucial for your organization to continue to operate in the most efficient and productive way possible. 

The challenges of hiring 

Unfortunately, in the current candidate-driven and extremely competitive job market that we are in, finding qualified candidates who will be reliable and productive as well as be a good fit for your organization's culture has become more challenging, time-consuming and costly than ever before. Let's take a closer look at the average hiring process to better understand what what most organizations are encountering when looking to hire.

The average hiring process 


You will soon find that most online job boards, cost an average of well over $400 per posting, with no guaranties that you will find the candidate you seek.  


In today's technology driven world, contacting a candidates should be the easiest part of the process. Unfortunately, it is not. 


Once you have identified a qualified candidate you may be surprised to learn that said candidate does not meet the I-9, Drug Test or criminal background check requirements.  


With labor laws constantly changing, you may find that hiring a new employee has become a bigger liability than ever, even during the employees 90 day probation period.   


After posting your online job ad, you will have to sort through the dozens of unqualified candidates who submitted their resume, in hopes of identified a potential candidate. 


Will the candidates qualifications match their resume? Will the candidate be a good fit for the position? Will the candidate even show up to the interview?   


After a  candidate has accepted the job offer, the true test begins. Will said candidate be able to perform as expected, and/or will the candidate be a good fit for your company.   


This could be a challenging task and more importantly a serious liability, depending on the circumstances and/or the labor laws governing your industry.  

why partner with crp, inc.? 

Simple, our partnership will allow you and your team to focus on running and growing your business, while our team of dedicated and experience staffing professionals focus on recruiting, screening and hiring the employees your organization needs, through one of the many staffing options listed below.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing, is one of the more common services offered by Employment agencies. With our Temporary Staffing  option, you will have access to thousands of quality employees for any short-term, seasonal or ongoing project your company may have. Hiring employees on a temporary basis allows your company to hire as many employees as the project may require while maintaining all employee-related cost at a minimum. 


With our comprehensive Temp-to-hire option, you will be able to interview and hire the candidate of your choosing. Once you have selected a candidate, he / she will begin working as a Temp-to-hire employee in the position they where hired for.  This will allow you to review their work habits and determine if the employee is the right fit for the position. After the contract (Usually a 90 work day period) is completed, you will be able to hire-on the employee without paying any additional fee.

Direct Placement

The Direct Placement option, is typically for mid to upper level management, executive or high skill positions. This option ultimately allows you to subcontract our recruiting team. who will recruit and pre-screen hundreds of candidates to find the top available candidates for the position you need filled. Once you have selected and hired a candidate you would then pay a flat fee for our service. 

Payroll Service

Our Payroll option, is for clients who have found a candidate on their own, and would like to hire said candidate as a temporary employee through our payroll service. This allows our client to continue focusing on their business while we manage all the administrative details and assume all liability for the employee. 

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